A whisper boat is a boat (in Giethoorn / Kop van Overijssel: the punt) with a battery driven electric motor. Whisper boats are available for 4 to 8 people. After a small explanation everyone can sail with a whisper boat. The electromotors of the whispering boat are powered by batteries that allow you to sail for more than 8 hours, so a whole day.

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Console boats are about the same boats as electric boats, but these boats are equipped with a console with a steering wheel. With this steering wheel the boat can be steered and this gives an extra luxurious dimension to sailing. Some also find this a lot easier because the boat responds the same as the steering direction. Often the console boats are also provided with cushions.

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Sloops are the most luxurious boats that we know in Giethoorn. Always equipped with pillows and they are often a lot more spacious than the standard boats. Great boats to spend a whole day on the water and to sail around like a monarch. For these large and spacious boats no license is required, just as for the other boats this is not necessary.

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